Certified DISC Practitioner Certification

Course Overview

Join the ranks of over 1 million individuals who annually leverage DISC to enhance teamwork, communication, and productivity within their organizations. DISC stands at the forefront of catalyzing digital transformation by equipping team members with an awareness of their preferred roles, motivations, and management preferences, accelerating the adoption of digital advancements.

Whether you’re an in-house talent development professional or a consultant and coach seeking to expand your toolkit, our Certification programs empower you to harness the potential of DISC for transformative impacts on individuals, teams, and companies.

Through this certification program, you’ll gain the essential skills to facilitate DISC programming, unpack DISC Reports, deepen your understanding of individuals and teams, integrate DISC theory to elevate your talent development initiatives, and utilize our scientific insights to fortify leadership and management coaching. Empower your journey towards fostering a more cohesive and successful future

Course Objectives

Analyze your distinctive DISC personality to unlock profound insights.

Investigate the underlying priorities driving your behavior in work and personal life.

Evaluate your automatic responses when engaging with individuals of diverse DISC styles.

Demonstrate mastery in cultivating more influential relationships by applying the knowledge gleaned from your DISC insights

Pre requisite

Participants should be able to speak, listen and read English at a proficiency level not lower than the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualification (ES WSQ) Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 7.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Behavioural Science

  • Iceberg Theory: Behaviour vs Character & Values
  • What is personality? – Understanding the construct of personality
  • Introducing Johari Window
  • Understanding Factors that affect Behavioural Styles

Module 2: Introduction to DISC

  • What is DISC?
  • History and Construct of DISC
  • Understanding the DISC Behavioural Model
  • Theory and evidence based research behind DISC

Module 3: APEX DISCTM Profile

  • Introduction to APEX DISCTM Online Profiles
  • Steps to administer the DISC Profiles
  • Understanding the 3 Graph system

Module 4: DISC Characteristics

  • Understanding the characteristics of the different DISC Styles
  • Recognizing Stress Patterns and Special Patterns
  • Intervention Strategies in managing Stress Patterns
  • Application of DISC Principles in people management

Module 5: DISC Graph Interpretations and Interventions

  • Steps to Graph Interpretation
  • APEX DISCTM Way of DISC Triangulation
  • 3As Approach of Managing Others
  • Adaptation Strategies to build Team Effectiveness

Module 6: DISC Applications

  • DISC and Teambuilding
  • DISC and Conflict Management
  • DISC and Counselling/Coaching
  • Using Triangulation Method in Multi-Context environment

Certificate Obtained

Participants who have successfully demonstrated competence in all the knowledge and skills requirements in this programme will be awarded with 

Course Details

Medium of InstructionEnglish
Trainer Qualification:Master Practitioner of APEX DISCTM
ACTA / ACLP Accredited Trainers
Trainer Ratio:1:20
 Lecture | Activity | Didactic Questioning | Group Discussion | Demonstration| Reflection | Role Play
Duration:2 days

Course Fees

Brydan Group must receive payment by 31st December 2023 (8% GST applies)[You are encouraged to make payment ahead of time]
Individual Sponsored Company Sponsored
Full Course Fees SGD 1480 SGD 1480

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